office manager with dental claims processing program

Improve Claims Processing with Integrated Software

Your days are already busy with the myriad of duties it takes to run a practice. Why waste more time trying to get your claims paid? Using a claims processing service that allows you to manage your Claims, Attachments, Real-Time and Electronic Remittance Advice, all in one place will speed up the process. Integrated electronic claims services make claims processing more efficient and leads to fewer errors through tighter integration between the clearinghouse and the insurance company.

These single software solutions are designed to save time by providing tools that allow you to process a claim, from start to finish, all in one place. Tools like customizable attachment rules by Payer and even by Provider virtually eliminate the sending of unnecessary attachments. It also eliminates duplicate information entry since all the information on a claim will be with the attachment when it is sent.

“This is a natural extension for our industry,” says Marci Perry, AVP Marketing DentalXChange. “The idea of having to go back and forth between separate software systems to prepare claims is antiquated.  Now, we have a single software application for creating claims and attaching documents, as well as checking eligibility and remittance advice. This results in improved efficiency for providers.”

“Our attachment service is fully integrated into our ClaimConnect application, which also features ERA and Real-Time services, offering enhancements and improved claims management previously unavailable to the dental office. These enhancements save providers’ time, as well as improve the efficiency and quality of the documentation for the payers,” according to Marci Perry, AVP Marketing DentalXChange.

To learn more about sending claims and documentation through one source, please call DentalXChange at 1-800-576-6412 ext. 455.

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