Going Paperless Made Easy Part 2

Webinar Recap: Going Paperless Made Easy Part 2

Did you know that dentists can save 5,304 hours and $111,431 annually by moving to paperless insurance and billing processes, electronic billing, and leveraging native Practice-Web tools? Watch our on-demand webinar to explore them all or catch the high points in this quick recap.

General Resources

Less Than 13% of Practices are Paperless

You must have end-to-end digital workflows to be fully paperless, BUT you don’t need to change all at once. You can update one process at a time until you eliminate paper.

  • If you’re scanning documents, you’re not paperless.
  • If patients are printing paperwork and bringing it in, you’re not paperless.
  • If you’re sending paper claims (even to attach x-rays and charting), you’re not paperless.

Going Paperless Saves Time and Money

  • The strategies from this webinar save practices 102 hours per week.
  • Combine the strategies from this webinar and the Going Paperless 1 webinar to save 114+ hours per week.

Strategy 1: Automate Chart Notes

  • 21% of charts have errors and the average typist makes eight errors per 100 words, creating potential liabilities for your practice and increasing risk for patients.
  • Use Auto Notes and Quick notes in Practice-Web to reduce errors and improve charting speed.
  • 96 seconds per chart note can be saved with Auto Notes according to our sample exercise, which is close to an hour a day for a typical practice and amounts to $4251.52/year in labor savings.
  • Voice Perio allows hygienists to perform hands-free full-mouth charting without any special equipment.
  • Auto Notes, Quick Notes, and Voice Perio all come standard at no additional cost with Practice-Web.

Charting Resources

Strategy 2: Prescribe Electronically

  • Most states now require electronic prescriptions, so it’s not a question of IF you should e-prescribe, but which program is best.
  • Integrated eRx is better. Clinicians report it’s easier to write new prescriptions and manage refills.
  • Even if you’re only writing one prescription per day, an integrated e-prescribing tool can help you save 7 minutes per day or $620.01/year in labor costs because you’re not playing pharmacy phone tag or having to manually duplicate documentation.
  • Practice-Web’s integrated eRx is a (paid) Smart Tool but it’s the only one on the market that will save you this kind of time and money due to the integration.

Electronic Prescribing Resources

Strategy 3: Electronic Insurance

  • Most practices send e-claims, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can be used at every stage of the patient experience to save time and money.
    • Verifying eligibility and benefits
    • Sending claims
    • Attaching digital x-rays, charting, and other documentation to claims and pre-auths
    • Checking the status of claims
    • Receiving electronic payments
    • Receiving remittance advice
  • 39 minutes per patient are saved when practices take all six processes digital.
  • $103,631 is saved annually when all six processes are leveraged.
  • Practices get paid much faster with EDI – as little as two days versus 14-30+.
  • EDI is a service offered by clearinghouses. Think of it like switching from sending a letter via the post office compared to FedEx. You get tracking, so you always know what’s happening with your claims and they move through the chain faster.
  • Practice-Web is compatible with most clearinghouses, but our premier provider is DentalXChange (featured in video).

Electronic Insurance Resources

Strategy 4: eBilling and Collections

  • The longer a bill is outstanding, the less likely the practice is to collect at all.
  • $2,928 is the average annual cost to mail statements for a typical practice.
  • 50% of patients will pay within an hour if their preferred electronic billing method is used.
  • 25-32% of patients pay within five minutes if billed via their preferred method and it’s secure text, email, or patient portal.
  • Pay-by-Text is available in the Practice-Web Accounts module. There’s no fee to sign up, only a nominal charge when it’s used.
  • DentalXChange offers patient statement options, including e-billing and paper processing as well as a hybrid option that automatically mails a paper statement when patients don’t respond to their e-bill.

eBilling Resources

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