close 2022 and prep for 2023 in practice-web

Checklist: How to Close 2022 and Prep for 2023 in Practice-Web

Ready to close out 2022 in Practice-Web? Unlike other dental programs, Practice-Web doesn’t force you to jump through hoops at the end of the year or complete a specific set of tasks. However, there are still some things many practices choose to do on an annual basis and a few tasks you can perform that will help you close out the year with a bang and be ready for 2023.

Use the year-end checklist below to guide you through the most common tasks as well as a few extra things you can do to boost production now and into the new year.

Closing 2022 in Practice-Web Checklist

Boost End-of-Year Production

Reminding patients with outstanding treatment needs and unused insurance benefits to apply them before the year ends is an easy win for everyone. Patients are happy you’ve helped them save cash and improve their oral health. Your practice gets a final production boost before the year ends.

Watch the video below to explore your contact options and learn how to get those reminders out fast.

Pro Tip: Use the same tools at the start of the year to let patients who might have maxed out that they have new benefits to draw from.

Update Your Fee Schedules

Many practices update their UCR fees on an annual basis or at least have insurance fees to update. Updating the fees in Practice-Web will help ensure you’re providing accurate estimates and help eliminate surprise bills for patients, so you deliver better customer service and maximize collections. Thankfully, you can update fees very quickly in Practice-Web. Check out our User’s Guide for written instructions or watch the tutorial below.

Pro Tip: now’s a great time to evaluate which in-network plans and insurance companies are helping your practice and which ones are creating revenue leaks. Learn how to get the data you need with this guide.

Update Your Hours of Operation

Several features, such as the “Make Recall” button and list of openings, rely upon having hours of operation listed. Most practices update their hours of operation in a rolling six-month fashion due to recall intervals. However, you can also do it on an annual basis if you prefer. Watch the quick tutorial below or visit the Guide for written instructions to learn how.

Update Schedule Blockouts

Blockouts can help you manage your practice schedule more effectively. You can use them to note things like what type of appointments should be booked, to create downtime that cannot be booked over, and more. Like the hours of operation, most practices update blockouts in a rolling fashion to keep up with recall schedules, but if you do yours in the new year, you’ll want to set yours now. Watch the video below for a quick tutorial or visit our Guide for written instructions on schedule blackouts.

Update Your Pay Periods for Employee Time Cards

Pay Periods are managed in a rolling fashion within Practice-Web too. You can watch the video below for a full overview of Time Card functions or jump ahead to 2:38 for the section on setting pay periods. Detailed written instructions for Time Card Setup are available in our Guide as well.

Make Sure You’re Using the Latest Claim Forms

The 2019 ADA Claim Form will still be in use for 2023, so most practices will not need to make any adjustments here. However, if your practice is not already using this form or is an in-network provider for an organization that requires an alternate claim form, you’ll want to confirm you’re using the latest version.

Upgrade Practice-Web

Upgrading to the latest version of Practice-Web is free for offices with paid Support. Each upgrade comes loaded with new dentist-requested features as well as production and efficiency boosters. Plus, you’ll need the latest version of Practice-Web to use the 2023 CDT codes when they’re rolled out at the end of December too. (Learn more about updating CDT codes with Procedure Code Tools in the User’s Guide.)

If you’re using a more recent version of Practice-Web, you may have noticed your upgrades occur automatically now. (Yay!) You can also check the Resources section of our website for details on upgrading your software or visit our Pricing page for the latest deals and Support renewal info.

Check Your Backups

Unless your practice is working with a tech specialist to automate your backup process, you MUST be performing backups manually. It may go without saying, but you can only restore data from your most recent backup, so it’s good practice to back up your data every day to avoid losing critical patient information and records. You’ll also want to confirm you’re capturing good backups to ensure you’ll be able to restore your data if you experience any issues.

Visit the Guide for more information on traditional backups and details on how to set up cloud and automated backups or watch the video below for a quick overview.

Set Lock Dates

You should have set up Global Lock Dates as part of your initial Practice-Web setup. If you’re using the “Days” setting to lock editing a specific number of days after an entry is made, there’s no need to change anything. However, if you’re using the “Date” setting to prevent editing at the end of month, year, or another period of your choosing, you’ll need to manually adjust this setting each time the period ends. To do so, go to “Setup,” then choose “Security,” and click “Global Security Settings.” You can visit the Guide for more info on Security Lock Dates.

If you’re using Practice-Web Accounting tools, you may also want to prevent editing after the year ends. To do so, you’ll go to the Manage Module, then click “Accounting,” and then choose “Lock.”

Run Year-End Reports

Your end-of-year reports are found in the same section as the other reports you’re accustomed to running. Just select “Reports” from the toolbar at the top, then choose “Standard” and edit your date range on any report to span the full year.

If a report your office needs is not available in Standard Reports, it can usually be set up as a query. Visit our Guide to learn how to set up Queries.

Let Us Help

Whether you’d like assistance working through one of the steps outlined here or would like to renew Support, our team is happy to help. Drop us a line and let us know what you need.

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