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Meet the Team: Practice-Web Technical Support Manager Manny

When most people hear the words “software support,” issue resolution is the first thing that comes to mind. In reality, the Practice-Web Support Team does so much more than that. You may engage with a Support Specialist if you:

  • Want help upgrading your Practice-Web software.
  • Are customizing Practice-Web to fit your office needs.
  • Are installing a Smart Tool (our eServices, such as electronic prescribing, automated text reminders/ on-demand texting, online scheduling, email marketing, etc.).
  • Have recently installed a Smart Tool (the team is fanatical about training practices and following up to make sure everything is going smoothly).
  • Want to learn how to do something with the software or have a question about how something works.
  • Need help troubleshooting something in the software.

The Practice-Web Support Team has more than doubled in size over the past 18 months and our Technical Support Manager Manny oversees the department. In this edition of Meet the Team, you’ll get an insider’s look at what happens behind the scenes and learn a bit about him.

Manny’s Background

Title: Technical Support Manager
Year Started with Practice-Web: 2017
Secret Skills: Marvelously Terrible Karaoke Performer, Amazing Cook, Complete Audio Nerd
Number of Browser Tabs Open Now: 8

A Day in the Life of a Technical Support Manager

On a typical day, you’ll find Manny digging through performance metrics to ensure practices are receiving prompt responses and having their concerns addressed as swiftly as possible and jumping in when a practice has an advanced question, or taking calls directly when volume rises.

He also spends time training and mentoring the Support Team. With a degree in IT and more than a decade of industry experience, Manny’s guidance helps Specialists develop their skills and be the best they can be professionally. In fact, when one of our Specialists won the monthly “Client Hero Award” (Practice-Web’s version of Employee of the Month, which Manny recently won as well), the Specialist gushed that their success was directly attributed to their constant contact with Manny.

Q&A with Manny

Q: What’s your favorite quote?

A: “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody.”

Q: Why do you love helping dentists thrive?

A: There is no greater feeling than seeing a problem, knowing the issue, and resolving it for our dentists and their teams!

Q: What’s one problem dentists are dealing with that you want to solve?

A: Many dentists are still using antiquated technologies that hold them back from running more efficient and profitable offices. It’s rewarding to help them find the right solutions and update, then hear feedback after about how it’s transformed their practice.

Q: What’s your favorite Practice-Web hidden gem?

A: pwNewsletter, Practice-Web’s mass email marketing Smart Tool, is underutilized. It gives practices a platform to be creative and connect with their patients, which ultimately leads to greater patient loyalty, increased production, and more revenue.

Q: If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be and why?

A: I would invite John Leguizamo to dinner, so I can ask him about my food and share coming-of-age stories.

Q: What’s your life like outside of work?

A: On a typical Saturday, you’ll find me golfing, messing with audio equipment, and, likely, still doing side tech activities. I also love to work on survival tactics and storing gear. You know… for when the zombies come.

Q: What’s a personal goal you plan to accomplish in the next year?

A: I’m hoping to visit some family on the island in Puerto Rico.

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