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New Feature: Multi-Visit Text Messaging in pwConnect

Practice-Web recently announced the addition of a new feature. Dental practices using pwConnect, the integrated text messaging Smart Tool, can now send a single text message for multiple visits occurring on the same day. The functionality applies to family members with a shared cell phone number as well as individuals with multiple same-day appointments. Recipients can then reply to the single text message with an affirmative response to confirm all associated appointments at once.  

The aggregated appointment messaging feature is one of many updates pwConnect has recently received. Previous enhancements included audible alerts for incoming messages, the ability to send and receive emojis, and additional sentiment recognition with affirmative responses to automated confirmation messages. Historically, the system required an affirmative response of “C” via text message to automatically confirm the appointment within the Practice-Web Appointment Module. With the update, a variety of affirmative responses are recognized as confirmations, saving practices even more time while minimizing cancellations and no-shows.   

“Enhancements such as these are often the result of requests from dentists who use Practice-Web,” explains Practice-Web founder and CEO Samir Kothari. “Our solutions are constantly evolving and we’re happy to provide additional functionality that helps dentists thrive.” 

The updates are timely, as text messaging has quickly become the leading patient communication method. Research shows texts are preferred by patients above all other types of communication and 95 percent of messages are read and responded to within three minutes. This makes it the most effective option too.  

The text messaging Smart Tool already offers a wealth of additional features, including automated confirmations and reminders, on-demand mass messaging, and one-on-one texting. The software empowers practices by keeping patient communication and message alerts within natural workflows, streamlining processes, and providing patients with a better experience. Integrations such as this are common within Practice-Web’s suite of Smart Tools, which presently include offerings such as electronic prescribingmass e-mail marketingPay-by-Textonline scheduling, and more. 

Dentists already using pwConnect will automatically have the single message option available when they update to the latest version. Dentists who do not have paid Practice-Web Support and those who are not signed up for the pwConnect text messaging Smart Tool are encouraged to speak with a Practice-Web software specialist for additional details and signup information

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