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Meet the Team: Practice-Web Client Success Manager Amber

Ever wonder who you’re talking to when you call Practice-Web or want to put a face to the voice you hear on many of our video tutorials? We got to sit down with Amber, Practice-Web’s Client Success Manager, to get a little background on what she does both here and when she’s off the clock.

Amber’s Background

Title: Client Success Manager
Year Started with Practice-Web: 2007
Secret Skill: Archery
Number of Browser Tabs Open Now: 20

A Day in the Life of a Client Success Manager

Amber’s typically the first one to arrive in our virtual office every day. She spends the morning returning client messages and getting the team organized to ensure dentists are receiving the onboarding and follow-ups they deserve. That’s no small task since new clients receive five proactive care calls in their first 100 days alone and practices are checked in with after starting new Smart Tool subscriptions too.

From there, it’s off to the races scheduling demos and new office training sessions as well as connecting with clients who are ready to boost production and profit with Smart Tools. Ever the busy bee, Amber may connect with 50 or more dentists on any given day. Between calls, she also creates our “What’s New” videos that highlight fresh features with each new Practice-Web upgrade release and is the talent behind many of the video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Q&A with Amber

Q: What’s your favorite quote?

A: “Mediocrity is not an option.”

This was a quote from my high school principal. It pushed me through high school, and I’ve lived by it every day since. If you apply your best to everything you do, you will succeed.

Q: Why do you love helping dentists thrive?

A: As an experienced office manager I have been “in the trenches” of practice management. Before Practice-Web, I managed a practice that had three doctors and ten team members. We had paper charts, so I experienced practice management “the old school/traditional” way. Now working with Practice-Web, I have the privilege of talking to office managers of all experience levels and I get to show them how easy it can be to have a truly efficient, productive, and most importantly, profitable office.

Q: What’s one problem dentists are dealing with that you want to solve?

A: Revenue leaks. It’s interesting to see what some practices are spending money on—it’s not necessarily things that improve their profitability! I also meet office managers that don’t know how to trace the sources of their revenue leaks—lost appointments or patients. I want nothing more than to show my clients how to save money and get the services they need to effectively stop these leaks from happening.

Q: What do you appreciate most about working at Practice-Web?

A: I have been so blessed to work for Practice-Web for 14 years. I won’t deny that I’m not a “computer genius,” but I have learned so much about computer operations. I have also seen and learned other management techniques aside from my own that have helped me grow as a manager, so ultimately, I can better help my clients with tips and tricks found in the industry.

Q: What’s your favorite Practice-Web hidden gem?

A: This is a hard one because there are so many great features… But if I have to pick, it would be the Send Claims button in the Manage module as my #1 gem. They put three of my favorite reports on one convenient button: Claims Waiting to Send, Procedures Not Billed, and Outstanding Claims Reports. Not only can you see the information from here, but you can interactively follow up and process claims from the same area too, ensuring you’re maximizing your insurance collections.

Q: If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be?

A: Gabriel Iglesias. He is so funny, and it would be great to just crack up for a while.

Q: What’s your life like outside of work?

A: I’m a Scorpio. I like to sip piña coladas and get caught in the rain. Just kidding.

I love my family above all else and I love to spend time with them. When not working, you can typically find our family doing something outdoors like riding bikes, kayaking, or walking down the beach. I also like to crochet stuffed animals. I run endurance because I like pizza and cake too.

Q: What’s a personal goal you’d like to accomplish in the next year?

A: I would like to run a full half marathon by next year. Don’t give up!

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