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7 Undeniable Signs Your Dental Practice is Ready for the Cloud

One of the biggest decisions you make when choosing dental software is whether to go server-based/ on-premise or cloud-based. It’s a concern many dentists have as their practices grow too.

We love on-premise software here at Practice-Web. In fact, our server-based solution has been helping thousands of dentists thrive for decades and we expect that to continue. But, we also know that some practices really want and need a cloud-based solution too. That’s why we’re releasing ThriveCloud, a new all-in-one cloud-based dental software that combines everything practices need to run efficiently and profitably into one modern easy-to-use platform.

Is your practice ready to move to the cloud with us? Keep an eye out for these undeniable signs it’s time.

1. Backups of Your Data Are Questionable

Servers crash. Data corrupts. Disasters like floods and fires happen. Sometimes people do forgetful things like leaving a backup unsecured and sometimes people do bad things like hacking systems and demanding ransom. These are all unfortunate facts of life that can either be a walk in the park if you have a full and recent backup of all your data or your worst nightmare if you don’t.

Secure data and automatic backups are hallmarks of cloud-based software. ThriveCloud, for example, has top-notch security with user access settings that can be customized to your needs. It also backs up your data and replicates it, so you’ll always have your latest patient data and stay HIPAA compliant.

2. You Need More People but Can’t Find Good Help

Dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and administrative staff members are in short supply these days. No software can make the right people magically materialize, but the right software can help the team you have do more with less.

ThriveCloud automates all kinds of processes, from your reminders and confirmations to populating chart notes with your customized templates and adding procedures to appointments, so you work faster and have more time for all the other things you need to do.

3. You’re Missing Things and Making Mistakes Because You’re Scattered

Practices often piecemeal their systems together. Maybe you started off with a basic practice management system, then later added in a separate tool for sending claims, another to automate confirmations, another for one-on-one patient communication, another to allow patients to book online… the list goes on.

Each service needs to be checked individually and each has its own logins. Over time, it becomes impossible for practices to keep up. Messages get missed. Revenue is lost. The team becomes frazzled and overwhelmed.

When everything is integrated into your core practice management system, you don’t need to check anywhere else for things. All your processes, alerts, and notifications appear in one place, so you and your team can perform at your personal best.

4. You Operate Multiple Locations

It is possible to use on-premise software when you have multiple locations. We know lots of dentists doing this with Practice-Web. However, they typically manage it through cloud-based hosting set up by their IT provider or by remoting in from one location to another. It works, but a cloud-based solution eliminates the need for these approaches.

ThriveCloud makes it easy to run multiple locations on one platform. You can jump from one clinic to the next with one click, create more consistency with shared goals and processes, analyze your practice at scale, and more.

5. You’re Tired of Being Chained to Your PC

Have you ever had to drive back to your practice to finish charting or prep for the next day? Been frustrated because a patient needed a prescription and you didn’t have access to their latest health history or your prescribing tool? Experienced an emergency that required contacting lots of patients and rescheduling them—and maybe even had to brave inclement weather to get to the office to notify them?

Cloud-based software eliminates all these friction points. You can log into your software from anywhere on any device. No more driving back to the office or worrying about how you’ll reach everyone on today’s schedule to let them know about an issue. You can log on from your smartphone and send out a blast to everyone at once, check patient histories, finish charting, or whatever you need to do.

Patients love it too. With ThriveCloud, your patients can log in and complete their paperwork ahead of time, request appointments, pay balances, and more. You can even use a practice tablet for treatment plan presentation and have them sign with a finger swipe, then send them a digital copy via text and email.

6. You’re Struggling to Gauge the Health of Your Practice and Get Your Team Goal-Oriented

All the data in the world won’t help if you don’t know how which reports to pull, how to retrieve them, and how to interpret the numbers, but knowing your practice metrics is key to running efficiently and profitably.

ThriveCloud not only makes it easy to understand key metrics but gives your team nudges and actionable steps to help you meet your targets. The Huddle feature, for example, showcases important metrics like production and pre-appointment rates, and provides clear charts to help you visualize the data. You’ll also find production goals on the schedule along with how close you are to meeting them. And, you can use Time Blocks to create a template of your ideal day, so your days are more balanced and you meet your production goals easily.

7. You Want the Simplicity Only an All-in-One Platform Can Give You

Things get complicated when you piecemeal processes together. On top of being scattered, it can be difficult to know who to call for help. Which vendor? Or is it an IT problem? And, you’re also paying multiple vendors, and probably paying more than you need to for the services you’re getting.

Cloud-based software lets you cut out unnecessary IT expenses and eliminates the confusion and costs that can come with having multiple vendors, so there’s less friction and you’ll generally pay less overall.

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